Improving multi-phy and multi-port interfaces

Speaker: Maxime Chevallier

NIC offloads at Hyperscale: experience, new offloads and validation

Speaker: Willem de Bruijn

Congestion control architecture for host congestion

Speakers: Saksham Agarwal and Arvind Krishnamurthy and Rachit Agarwal

Firewall and Service Tickets (FAST)

Speaker: Tom

Unstoppable Session Layer

Speaker: Alexander Aring

Genetic Algorithm based PI controller tuning with stability analysis for Linux ptp4l optimisation

Speakers: Milena Olech and Marta Plantykow and Maciek Machnikowski

Quantum-Proofing Data: The Power Of Post-Quantum Cryptography

Speakers: Milena Olech and Krystian Matusiewicz and Natalia Wochtman

Device Memory TCP

Speakers: Mina Almasry and Willem de Bruijn and Eric Dumazet and Kaiyuan Zhang

Unleashing SR-IOV Offload on Virtual Machines

Speaker: Yui Washizu

Integrating eBPF Into The P4TC Datapath

Speakers: J Hadi Salim and Deb Chatterjee and Victor Nogueira and Pedro Tammela and Tomasz Osinski and Sosutha Sethuramapandian and Balachandher Sambasivam and Evangelos Haleplidis

SO_TIMESTAMPING: powering fleetwide RPC monitoring

Speaker: Willem de Bruijn

Is scaling eBPF easy yet? A small step to one server, but giant leap to distributed network.

Speaker: Ivan Koveshnikov

Lightweight Implementation of Per-packet Service Protection in eBPF/XDP

Speakers: Ferenc Fejes and Ferenc Orosi and Balázs Varga and János Farkas

Fast ZC Rx Data Plane using io uring

Speakers: David Wei and Pavel Begunkov

Synce4l: open-source implementation of Synchronous Ethernet

Speakers: Michał Michalik and Arkadiusz Kubalewski

Assessing the impact of Linux networking on CPU consumption

Speakers: Davide Miola and Fulvio Risso and Federico Parola

Leveraging Homa: Enhancing Datacenter RPC Transport Protocols

Speakers: xiaochun lu and zijian zhang

Kernel-Managed User Buffers in Homa

Speaker: John Ousterhout

P4 Compatible Control Plane Driver for Linux Kernel

Speakers: Anjali Singhai and Neha Singh and James Choi and Namrata Limaye and Sridhar Samudrala and Mahesh Shirshyad and Vipin Jain

IDPF Live Migration Support

Speakers: Yahui Cao and Phani R Burra and Anjali Singhai and Sridhar samudrala

Using eBPF to inject IPv6 Extension Headers

Speakers: Justin Iurman and Eric Vyncke and Benoit Donnet

eBPF Qdisc: a generic building block for traffic control

Speakers: Hsin-Wei (Amery) Hung and Cong Wang

Netlink APIs to Expose/Configure Netdev Objects

Speakers: Amritha Nambiar and Sridhar Samudrala

TCP Offload via AF_XDP sockets– Not your grandmother’s TCP Offload!

Speaker: Tom Herbert

Nanotube: Turning XDP Code into Custom Hardware Pipelines for FPGA SmartNICs

Speakers: Stephan Diestelhorst and Neil Turton and Kieran Mansley and Kimon Karras and Rip Sohan and Thomas Calvert and Steven Pope

kernel offload with complete host kernel functionalities

Speakers: Ryo Nakamura and Hajime Tazaki

Scripting the Linux Routing Table with Lua

Speakers: Lourival Vieira Neto and Marcel Moura and Ana Lúcia de Moura and Roberto Ierusalimschy

netdev development stats and process changes

Speaker: Jakub Kicinski

Multi-core IPsec tunnels

Speakers: Daniel Xu and Vlad Dumitrescu and Antony Antony

OSPFv3 over IPv4

Speakers: I Chen and Dr. Feng Xie and Dr. Shukri Abdallah


Introduction to time synchronization pt. 3

Instructor: Maciek Machnikowski

Lightweight Approach to Kickstart Development of a NIC Driver

Instructor: David Ahern

Rust for Linux Networking Tutorial

Instructors: Wedson Almeida Filho and Miguel Ojeda


XDP Workshop

Chairs: Aleksander Łobakin and Maciej Fijałkowski and Larysa Zaremba

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Networking

Chairs: Roopa Prabhu and Marta Plantykow

TC Workshop

Chair: J Hadi Salim

Compiler-networking workshop

Chairs: Felipe Almeida and Tom Herbert and Balachandher Sambasivam and Neil Turton

Netfilter Mini Workshop

Chair: Pablo Neira Ayuso

FRR Workshop

Chairs: Donald Sharp and Dr. Helen Chen

Security Workshop

Chair: Steffen Klassert


Power-Aware Network Performance BoF

Organizers: Nabil Bitar and Jamal Hadi Salim and Pedro Tammela and Jesse Brandeburg and Marcelo Ricardo Leitner

TLS handshake for in-kernel consumers

Organizer: Chuck Lever

My foo is just way better!

Organizers: PJ Waskiewicz and David Wei and Christian Hopps and Donald Sharp and David Lamparter and John Ousterhout and Peilin Ye and Lourival Vieira Neto

Music BoF

Organizer: Dave Taht

BOF :: CXL : An overview and applicability to high performance networking

Organizers: Shrijeet Mukherjee and Alejandro Lucero Palau and PJ Waskiewicz